In Loving Memory of Our Fallen

2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7


Dame Monica Beer Vecchi, 2014






Clyde Rowland, KOTS, 2011




Reverend Dr. Fernando B. Santillana, KTS, 2011



Dame Joann Sandwick, DTS, 2007






Chevalier Georges Solbes, KTS, 2006






Chevalier Thomas Biggs, KTS, 2003




Dame Monica Beer Vecchi

July 2014

Our dear sister, Monica Beer-Vecchi died tragically in
July of 2014. A highly respected clinical psychologist who
devoted herself to the recovery, treatment and support of service men and women traumatized by combat, Dame Monica was survived by her husband, Chev. Greg Vecchi, KOTS, her mother, father, siblings and countless other family members and dear friends. Dame Monica’s love and defense of the downtrodden was also extended to the care of animals and she was an avid supporter of therapy dog programs. Although Dame Monica has now received her great reward in Heaven, the Knights Templar of North America have lost a great treasure here on earth with her passing. During the May Investiture in Atlanta, the Final Walk will be performed in honor of our fallen sister.aka "Jester" will truly be missed by our order. Clyde passed away in October.

Chevalier Clyde Rowland

October 2011

Clyde aka "Jester" will truly be missed by our order. Clyde passed away in October.









Chevalier Fernando Santillana

October 2011

Serving as a minister for Christ for 31 years, Reverand Dr. Fernando B. Santillana was the true embodiment of a Templar. His dedication to his ministry and Christianity truly is an inspiration to us all.

Fernando passed away on October 1st. He is survived by his wife Rev. Theresa Santillana and two daughters Sofia and Rocio.







Dame Joann Sandwick

February 2007

With the same zeal our Templar forbearers had for defending the Holy Land, Dame Joann Sandwick dedicated to fighting sickness and poverty while serving on numerous medical mission trips to Latin America.

Joann, along with her husband Dr. Todd, used their medical-dental experience to alleviate the pain of thousands residing in the remote mountain regions of impoverished countries like Honduras.

A bright shining star in the Templar Order, Joann passed away tragically in February of 2007 in a car accident. She is survived by her husband, four daughters and countless friends around the world who were inspired by her incredible desire to obey Christ's mandate to "Heal the sick."





Chevalier Georges Solbes

March 2006

There are certain people who spring immediately to mind when one mentions the word "chivalry." Among these is Chev. Georges Solbes. Although Georges had only joined the Order a year before his death he had taken his vow to serve Christ and carry the Templar banner in his home country of Mexico very seriously. From providing meals to hurricane victims, delivering toys to impoverished children at Christmas and preparing plans for the development of a free clinic, Georges' selflessness and generous spirit is an inspiration to all who embrace our motto, Non Nobis Domine!

Georges left the paradise of Cancun, Mexico to enter ultimate Paradise in the spring of 2006 when he passed away suddenly while away on business.






Chevalier Thomas Biggs

May 2003

At 1:02 PM on Memorial Day, 26 May 2003, our brother Thomas Biggs passed away while in the Intensive Care Unit at St. Joseph's Chandler hospital in Savannah, Georgia. Chev. Thomas Biggs is survived by his daughter Cathy Biggs Ellington of South Carolina and his grandson. He will be missed by all of us. OPCCTS was able to have a Templar entourage at Chevalier Thomas' bedside prior to his passing. Thomas is with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for he typified what being a Poor Fellow Soldier of Christ represents. His commitment to his Lord, his friends and his family is something we should all be encouraged to achieve.
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